Simulator Upgrades

Authoritative government agencies often mandate that simulator technology be maintained at the highest level.  ASC supports this aspect of the industry’s requirements with visual updates, flight controls updates, motion updates, and QTG updates.

However, flight training can be enhanced and maximum return on the investment can be achieved by upgrading the flight simulator in areas that prolong the life of the device and minimize down-time.  Follow the links to see how ASC may be able to improve the reliability and the lifetime of your training devices:

  • IOS Replacement – See STEP IOS:
  • IOS Touch CRT Replacement, Emerald Display Panel Replacement
  • Host Replacement
  • All avionics updates
  • TCAS II 7.1 Upgrades
  • Visual System Upgrade Support
  • Flight Controls and/or Motion System Upgrades or Replacements

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